Ultra Trail Gaspesia 60 Hours

Ultra Trail Gaspesia Hélène’s 60 Hours(UTG60HH), – Gaspé à Percé, Qc, 24-26 june 2022 (2nd édition)

The 2022 edition is canceled…for lack of a sufficient number of runners 🙁

To satisfy the endurance junkies like Quebec athlete Hélène Dumais, we designed a 150 miles course,  informally named “Hélène’s 60 Hours”. With her thirst for more, she came to us with the challenge of designing an epic new course that will get you to experience hidden jewels of Gaspesia that can only be reached going the extra mile.


  • 260 k (60 hours) – Solo
  • 260 k (60 hours) – Duo (two athletes together at all times!)
  • 260 k (60 hours) – Relay – team of two to four runners (stages of 35 km to 60 km)

Start : June 24th 2022, 8 AM, see section “schedule

Start Location : To be confirmed soon

Cap time to complete the race : 60 hours

Provided by the organisation :

  • GPS tracking device (Spot beacon)
  • Course mas (downloadable GPX file and printable paper version)
  • Road book
  • Post race meal
  • Event souvenir
  • Special recognition for “finishers” (60 hours or less) and “Survivors” (above 60 hours)


This is an unsupported challenge. Participants must be prepared with the right gear and clothing as a security measure in order to deal with possible problems encountered like unpredictable weather, injury, or GI distress for example.


Runners must have all their mandatory equipment with them at all times during the race.

  • Pack
  • Minimum of 1 liter of water reserve
  • Food reserves
  • Map of the course
  • Compass
  • Whistle
  • ​​Water purification system (pills, drops, filter)
  • Rain jacket with hood and rain pants waterproof and / or windproof water resistant*
  • Spare first layer (top and bottom)*
  • Warm and waterproof gloves*
  • 2 headlamps in good working order with both spare batteries
  • Lighter / matches
  • 1,40m x 2m minimum emergency blanket or emergency bivvy
  • First aid kit (blister kit, plasters, dressing, personal medication, Ibuprofen is NOT allowed)
  • Warm hat (beanie, tube scarf)
  • Warm and waterproof gloves
  • Spare dry socks
  • Picture ID
  • Camera (You will have to bring back visual proof of specific landmarks!)
  • Cell phone capable of making and receiving calls in Quebec (You must be reachable at all times. Cellular signals may vary depending on the areas along the route, everyone will be aware of that.) Your cell phone will also serve as a camera (You will have to bring back, in pictures, of passage to specific places!).

* Depending on the weather conditions announced, the final decision will be communicated to you at the pre-race meeting.


  • Mosquito repellent
  • Anti-chafing
  • Sun protection (sun glasses, hat, cream)
  • Necessary material to recharge your electronics
  • Sleeping kit
  • Knife
  • Trekking poles
    • Bear spray and or bell

Officially prohibited:

  • Earphones, iPod, radio, mp3 and other
  • Pacer
  • Pets
  • Crew and external help
  • Stashed gear or food

Participation Requirements:

  • To have the minimum experience to face such a challenge, 150 miles under 60 hours;
  • To be totally aware of the length and the specificity of the event and to be perfectly prepared for it;
  • To have acquired, prior to the race, a real capacity for self-sufficiency in the mountains which permits the management of problems induced by this type of course, and notably:
  • To know how to face, without outside help, climatic conditions;
  • To know how to manage, even if one finds oneself isolated, physical or mental problems arising from high fatigue, digestive problems, muscular or joint pain, minor ailments;
  • To be fully aware that runners’ security depends upon their capacity to adapt to the problems encountered, or envisaged.
  • The challenge is open to everyone at least 20 years of age.
  • You must provide a valid proof of insurance prior to the event to the race organisation.
  • To have a sense for adventure!

Last updated information - Registration launch on December 1st, 2021

Registrations for the 2nd edition will be launched on December 1, 2021.

Like you, we don’t know what the sanitary measures will be next year. We will do our homework, please do yours.




The route of the Ultra Trail Gaspesia 60 Hélène’s 60 Hours will allow you to explore of the Land’s End of the Gaspé from north to south!

If the final part on Percé is set at 100% or almost, changes could occur on the course in the Gaspé sector. But fear not … it will be epic!

For the teams who will complete the relay challenge, expect stages of 40 to 60 km to be completed self supported!

We want to make the course route official by February 1st at the latest!


Preliminary version 2021, november 20


THURSDAY, June 23rd, 2022

4 PM to 6 PM – Welcoming participants

6 PM – Pre-race meeting

FRIDAY, June 24th, 2022

8 AM – Race start

SATURDAY, June 25th, 2022

Runners tracking along the course

SUNDAY, June 26TH, 2022 – Quai de Percé

5 PM to 8 PM – Post-race on the beach and race awards