Route G100 – MTB

Official GPX file available soon.

Gaspesia 100 - 160 km

Departure : September 2th, 5AM

Location : Rue du Quai, Percé

Maximum time allowed for completion of the race: 14 h

Number of refreshment stations: 9

Drop bag allocation: unlimited

Recommended Supplies

The Gaspesia 100 is a semi-autonomous race. This formula requires athletes to be autonomous between two pit stops, as in food.  This means participants must for the most part be prepared with the right equipment and clothing as security measure in order to deal with possible problems or challenges encountered along the way as well as unpredictable weather! (weather, injury or physical problems …)

Strongly recommended:

  • minimum 1 liter of water reserve
  • food reserves
  • whistle
  • gloves
  • toque (hat)
  • head lamp in good working order with spare batteries
  • course map

Cellular signals vary depending on the sector of the route. We suggest bringing your camera with you!

Officially prohibited:

  • earphones, iPod, radio, mp3 and other
  • pets