Trail 10 km

10 km

Our 10 km offers an ideal steep path for an introduction into the world of trail running! The route takes you through the Mont Blanc area and the famous crevasse, and then to the summit of Mont-Ste-Anne and its world-class view accessed while passing through Pieds-Croches (crooked feet) a path that wears its name very well! Probably one of the best 10 km trail running route in Canada!

Departure : See the Schedule section

Location : Rue du Quai, Percé

Maximum time allowed for completion of the race:  Unlimited

Number of refreshment stations:  2

  • Gargantua (km 5,7)
  • Sommet du MSA (km 8,4) 

Recommended Supplies:

  • water and food reserve
  • whistle
  • rain jacket with hood

Officially prohibited:

  • pets