Discover our ambassadors – Guy Gilbert from Lac Beauport

Guy Gilbert has spent over thirty years of his life promoting physical activity and healthy lifestyle habits, primarily as a means of prevention of chronic illness, through the direction of the public health service.

For Guy, sport is not just one discipline as he practices running, mountain biking, triathlons, crosscountry skiing, alpine skiing/snowboarding, snowshoe racing, adventure raids and speed skating!

His many accomplishments include representing Canada in 2009 at the 24-hour World Ultramarathon Running Championship (Italy) and the Commonwealth Championship (England). Named the Canadian Athlete of the Year in Canada in 2009 by the Canadian Ultramarathon Association, he is the first Quebecer to receive this title.

Participant in the Boston Marathon, finisher of Ironman at Mont-Tremblant, the North American champion of the defunct UKATAK raid, Guy is the only athlete to have completed the 100-mile events of Ultra Trail Gaspesia 100 and Raid Gaspesia 100 in 2016 when both events were presented with only a one week interval!

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