DISCOVER OUR AMBASSADORS – Lyne Bessette – Knowlton, Qc. (Cycling)

Lyne Bessette has made her mark on the modern day history of cycling in Quebec and Canada. She was awarded the gold medal at the Commonwealth Games in 1998 and has been recognized as Canadian National Champion on more than 10 occasions. She won the Tour de l’Aude féminin in both 1999 and 2001 and represented Canada at the Olympics in both 2000 and 2004. In 2012 she was the pilot for para-cyclist Robbi Weldon where they won the gold medal in the Women’s Road Race.

Tireless, Lyne can be found on the starting line of a number of adventure raids, tandem para-cyclilng races, ultratrail courses, marathons and off-trail skiing. In addition, she is co-founder of East Skimo, and organization that encourages the development off-trail skiing by promoting events in Eastern North America . Lyne also organizes her own annual cycling event each fall, the 100b7 that allows participants to discover the most beautiful runs in Lyne’s native region of Brome- Missisquoi.

Having participated in the G50 in 2015, Lyne will be on the starting line of the G100 this year hoping to become the first female athlete to complete a 100 mile race on Québec soil.

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