Focus on the 6th Ultra Trail Gaspesia 100 with a First in Quebec!

Focus on the 6th Ultra Trail Gaspesia 100 with a First in Quebec!

Gaspé, March 11, 2021 – From June 18 to 20, the City of Percé will host the 6th Ultra Trail Gaspesia 100 (UTG100), an annual event of trail running for runners of all levels powered by Näak! Adapted to the current public health context, Events Gaspesia will host an unsupported 150-mile (241 km) challenge from Cap-Gaspé to Percé, making it the very first of its kind in the Province of Quebec.

Established trail runners will find the “ultra” races of 160, 106 and 53 km, while amateurs will get to enjoy courses of 35, 25, 12 and 6 km. All of these challenges are to be taking place in the territory that has allowed the Gaspésie region and the area to be recognized not only as one of the most beautiful natural destinations in the world according to the National Geographic Society, but also as a UNESCO Global Geopark!

Runners wishing to discover the exceptional playground that is the Ultra Trail Gaspesia 100 Näak in all of its glory can take part in Trans-Percé, an event which consists of the completion of 3 races in 3 days for a total of 50 or 100 km. The Bonaventure Island Trail, which enjoyed great success in 2018, will be presented again in its 6 and 12 km formats at sunset on Friday night.

Children are not to be left out with an event of their own – the Defi des Moussaillons, specifically designed for those 10 and under in the green spaces of downtown Percé!

The challenges of the pandemic

While Events Gaspesia had to cancel the 2020 edition of the Ultra Trail Gaspesia 100 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the team was still able to deliver a private race that was organized in the heat of the moment. The Ultra Trail Gaspesia 100 relay edition was presented at the end of one last year’s most popular virtual challenges: the #gaspesia100naak challenge.

This year, the Ultra Trail Gaspesia 100 Näak will still limit to 100 the number of runners per race. The schedule will be reorganized to limit gatherings as much as possible, and several aspects of the event will be adapted to ensure the safety of our runners and the 100 volunteers needed to host our guests!

Never short of new features!

In addition to a tried-and-tested hit formula, some new features are on the 2021 Ultra Trail Gaspesia 100 program to enhance the athlete experience.

  1. A 150-mile XXL Ultra Race

It is our adventurer friend Hélène Dumais that gave us the idea to create the very first 150-mile race in the history of trail running in Quebec. Affectionately called Hélène’s 60 hours, the race’s name is a reference to our muse and the time frame to complete the 241 kilometers from Cap-Gaspé to Percé. Endurance runners who choose this unique experience will get to run the best of the terrain that hosts the Ultra Trail du Bout du Monde, the Gaspesia 100 MTB Marathon and the Ultra Trail Gaspesia 100 Näak!

  1. A new course for the 35 km race

The mythical Fishermen’s Beach and its cliffs, which have become known as the 54-km starting line, will now welcome participants of the 35-km for the start of their own race as a new trail, which was developed last spring, is now linking Cannes-de-Roches and Percé! It will therefore be possible for 35-km runners to enjoy the unique experience of a starting line on the beach, and running their first few meters alongside those gigantic red walls!

  1. A comeback for the G5, the 6-km mountain course

The #gaspesia100naak challenge enabled thousands of runners from all over Quebec to discover our event and even trail running. To allow for more athletes to run the Percé course and enjoy a typical Gaspé experience, we have decided to bring back the G5, our entry-level run that was redesigned to a 6-km format especially for the occasion. This course is also open to children accompanied by an adult. A perfect opportunity to discover trail running!

Courses with world-class landscapes!

Again this year, the event will offer the best off-road trails in the sector of Percé which are characterized by their great beauty and high level of difficulty. Runners will also be able to witness on both the public courses and ultra courses, stunning scenery featuring the some of the most beautiful seascapes in North America. All the routes of the Ultra Trail Gaspesia 100 Näak take the UNESCO World Geopark trails from Percé, offering world-class views.

The UTG100: an international experience

For a fourth year, the Ultra Trail Gaspesia 100 Näak is recognized by the International Trail Running Association. The 25, 35, 53, 106, 160 and 241-km race courses will allow finishing runners to accumulate ITRA points applicable towards their eligibility for participation in major international events like the Ultra Trail of Mont-Blanc, the world summit of trail running held in Chamonix, France.

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic will prevent international runners, who typically represent 10% of our athletes, to take part in the Ultra Trail Gaspesia 100 Näak. Nevertheless, Events Gaspesia hopes to be able to welcome runners from all over Canada, having already registered the participation of several athletes from the Maritimes who rank amongst the best in the country.


Since the 2020 entries were transferred to the 2021 edition, 60% of the 1,200 bibs have already been reserved. Details and registration are available at .

Registration closes June 1, 2021 for all Ultra Trail Gaspesia 100 Näak races, with the exception of the Défi des Mousaillons for children aged 10 and under.

New official sponsor

Building on the virtual partnership achieved as part of the #gaspesia100naak challenge during the covid-19 pandemic, Gaspesia Events is proud to announce the continuation of a major partnership with, Näak a young Quebec sports nutrition company in full growth! According to Gaspesia Events Race Director, Jean-François Tapp, «Näak is a company with human roots deeply rooted in eco-responsibility, sustainable development and innovation with which we share the values and we are happy to team up again to ensure the growth of our organizations ».

About Gaspesia Events

Events Gaspesia is a non-profit organization created to highlight the territory of Eastern Quebec through various sporting, adventure and outdoor events. Our organization hopes to generate an influx of tourists as much as it seeks to involve local populations, especially the young people. As part of professional events, Events Gaspesia is the promoter of the Gaspesia Racing Series which includes the Gaspesia Marathon in running on the road (Percé), the Ultra Trail Gaspesia 100 in trail running (Percé), the famous Gaspesia 100 mountain biking marathon (Gaspé) and the Gaspesia Polar Trail.

About Näak

Näak is a sports nutrition brand that was founded in Canada by two endurance athletes who competed in the triathlon world championships in 2016. They started making their own energy bars with a big ambition: to make sports nutrition more sustainable. They called it Näak for Nutrition for Adventurous Athletes who run Kilometers. The company’s mission is to preserve the environment without compromising on performance. Näak has therefore created the most efficient and durable fuel for endurance sports. Everything is based on a radical idea: sustainable energy fueled by alternative proteins and high-quality, sustainable functional ingredients. Or, as they call it, ultra energy. Näak is the pioneer and the first manufacturer of cricket-based energy bars and they recently launched a completely vegan (cricket-free) product line. They are present in more than 800 stores across Canada and partner of the Ultra Trail Gaspesia 100 since 2019.