Série de courses Gaspesia---Christine-Bérubé-Martin-Ambassadrice

Discover our ambassadors – Christine Bérubé-Martin from New Richmond, Qc.

Christine considers herself a little bit hyperactive, and with outdoor sport she is able to re-center and replenish herself. She considers that her free time is spent playing outdoors. She feels that sport provided her with clear direction and a means to adopt a balanced lifestyle allowing her to maintain a healthy frame of mind.

Feeling somewhat uncomfortable in her own skin at one point, she decided to try running to adopt a healthier lifestyle and to lose a little bit of weight. This initiative quickly became a passion, even a lifestyle.

Christine has 5 half-marathons under her belt and several trail races, including an ultra-marathon. In fact, she attributes her summer skills to the many winter climbs she makes with her split-board in the marvelous Chic-Choc mountains.

A new convert to mountain biking in order to participate in the International Gaspésie Raid, Christine has found of a new passion! In short, she loves the feeling of well-being that sport and the commune with nature provides. It allows her an opportunity to slow down and live in the moment.

“At 29, I feel more alive than when I was 25!”

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